The 7 Principles of Maintaining Stability on Active Projects

One of the main goals of Ixion is to maintain stability in each of the active sectors.
To do this, you will need to solve various problems in each sector, starting from the lack of medical amenities, such as an outpatient clinic, and ending with an insufficient number of residential buildings.
So, if you are a beginner in ixion and want to remove the emoticon icon with a sad face, which represents instability in the lower part of the screen, follow these instructions.

How to temporarily improve stability in Ixion?

Before solving the problems of any sector, you must understand the root cause of the problem.
The best way to study the problems affecting the specific area is to bring the cursor to the Emoji icon called the sector in the lower left corner of the screen.
For example, from the image below, you can clearly understand that in sector 3 there is a decrease in the stability of Na-3 due to homelessness.

General problems that cause temporary instability in ixion

Homeless-House icon (red)

The symbol of the Red House means that those who live in this sector need more housing.
Pull the cursor on the icon to find out the exact number of necessary buildings.
Build more crew premises on the Population tab to solve this problem.
After building, the badge will disappear.

Food-a fork and knife icon (red)

The red symbol of the fork and knife means that people in this sector are starving due to lack of food.
Increase the production of food products by creating more insects or crabs on the population tab.

Working conditions-helmet (red) icon (red)

Red helmet means that there are fewer workers in this sector and more than the working population is required.
To solve this problem, you can either get a lot of cryogenic beds from the population tab, or send workers from the neighboring sector to the desired one.

Health-plus icon (yellow)

The plus sign indicates that there are no basic medical services in this sector.
You can remove the symbol and improve stability by building more outpatients on the population tab.


Remember that these are some temporary problems and their solutions that may affect the majority of the population.
It is always better to read the stability table from time to time to understand other unusual problems that affect you.

How to improve stability in Ixion forever?

You can unlock and build the following buildings from the technical laboratory to constantly increase stability in any sector.
The center of alternative life: always increases stability by +1 (for this sector).
Memorials: constantly increases stability by +1 (for this sector).
Remember that you can build only one iteration of these buildings in each sector.
For example, in sector 1 there can be only one memorial and a center of alternative life.

What will happen if not maintaining stability in Ixion?

If you do not focus on removing the stability icon from time to time, your general trust factor in your people will decrease, which will lead to unnecessary blows.
To learn more about Ixion, read the professional guide guides.