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Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Crisis Core DMW explained instructions

The Digital Mind Wave is the leveling up system in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and it’s a little complicated. Here’s an explanation of how it works, so you can maximize your time with the game.

This is all on the Last Dream VII Crisis Core Reunion DMW system!
As quickly as you have got used to this system, it becomes simpler to go through the massacre of the video game.
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While Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion is exciting because it is connected to the story of the original Final Fantasy 7, the video game is also known for its core mechanics: the digital mind wave system.
Last Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion brings a modified variation of its infamous DMW system.
Despite whether you are a long-time fan or play Zack’s story for the first time, this post will bring you up to date with the current fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW and discuss how it works.
To assist you with navigation in battling in the modified variation of this traditional game, we have prepared this guide by going through whatever you require to understand about the role system in Last Dream 7 Crisis Core Reunion.
This system is not like Final Fantasy 7 remake in numerous ways.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW discussed

The Last Dream 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW system is one of the core mechanics of the video game.
In the upper left corner of your screen there are three fields with one image and one number.
You can comprehend it likewise to a slot machine: Depending on the combination of images and numbers you receive, you will get a various reward.
Each image offered in the DMW describes a certain character in the video game with which the tag has actually constructed up a relationship while going through the chapters.


These images can get in a border edge state, which is identified by the border regulations in which they are.
There are 5 levels-Heavenly, Sky High, High, Low-that and normal modification depending on your actions, e.g.
B. by utilizing limitations.
The greater the level, the greater the probability that a border edge happens.
The likelihood of entering this state is likewise increased when Zack has actually increased emotions compared to a certain character.
Apart from the reality that you get buffs and trigger unique attacks such as summons and limitation breaks, the DMW likewise reveals you when Zack rises, as it stops at 777 as quickly as you have actually gathered a particular number of experience points.
And although the DMW system only works throughout the battles, you do not need to stress about the consistent activation of the rollers.
You immediately turn as long as you have SP that are output every time the rollers are activated.
Given that you make these points by using and defeating opponents limit breaks, it is unlikely that the SP will go out.
Another version of the DMW was currently offered in the initial video game, but was revised in this remaster, where the standard principle was kept.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW effects

The impact triggered by the DMW in Last Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion results depend upon the combination of images, numbers and whether the limit has been reached or not.
The complete list of impacts when Zack is not in a border state as follows:
777: invincible
666: crucial
555: No physical damage
444: AP cost no (until the battle ends).
333: zero magical damage.
222: MP costs zero (till the fight ends).
111: invincible.
77-: AP and MP cost absolutely no.
7-7: No physical damage.
-77: no magical damage.
7–: AP costs absolutely no.
-7-: MP costs absolutely no.
— 7: withstand.
Whenever 3 photos match and stop the DMW rollers, Zack modifications to a limitation break state that provides you the chance to utilize one of the well-known unique attacks in the series.
Which limiter Zack will use depends upon whose photos have actually been compared.
You can pass from a traditional but strong series of sword attacks with Sephiroth’s Cast to restore a huge amount of HP with merits recovery wave.
You can also switch to summoning mode and at the end you have 3 matching summoning images with which you can trigger the fracture of the summoning.
If you do not yet understand how to invoke in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion, our guide can help you.
The effects-most of which just last a restricted time-that they get from Matching Numbers are identified by Zack’s present condition.
The edge state effects without restriction can be seen above.

If the limit has been reached and the numbers between 1 and 6 match, one of its equipped Material will increase.
When a double match occurs, the Material wins an action while a triple match provides three steps to a product.
Which material rises depends on the matching numbers, considering that they represent one of the six material slots that they have.