How To Defeat Vajradhara Tai And Wu In Crisis Core

Crisis Core may have been the first active game in the Final Fantasy franchise.

In many ways, he set the tone for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.
This complicates the battle even at the beginning of the game.
In one of the first battles with the bosses you will face, you will fight at once with two massive monsters.

Best Strategy for winning Vasundhara Tai and Wu in Crisis Core

Tai and Wu are monsters that you will face closer to the end of the first chapter.
They have extremely powerful physical attacks, and they can withstand a lot of punishments before falling.
To defeat them, you need to destroy them one by one.
They do not have good long-range skills, but you will need to carefully choose the moments to penetrate and cause damage.
Since there are two enemies that you need to worry about, a simple way to cope with this battle is to stay at a distance and throw magic into them.
Both Tai and Wu receive more damage from magic than from physical attacks.
If you are lucky enough to get an unlimited MP Buff from DMW, just play at a distance and bombard one enemy.
Otherwise, try to dodge their attacks in order to lag behind them.
Select one of two in an early stage and try to eliminate it quickly.
This battle becomes trivial when you fight only one of them.
Tai and Wu introduce special abilities into the game.
They have an inevitable attack called Twin Tomahawk, which causes significant damage.
A large purple countdown will appear on the screen before they use this attack.
Use your strongest matter and try to apply as much damage as possible to reduce or negate the effectiveness of this attack.
Just hold on to the distance, focus your attacks on one goal, evade whether they raise your hand, and widely use magic to destroy these enemies.
As soon as you defeat them, they both throw a potion so that you continue.


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