New Soon Dead Cells DLC Announced

Win a sharp and rather overprotective air ally by battling with two new biomes and also an employer!
Challenging level fertilization will certainly require you to rethink your approach in this brand-new medium-sized game material created to include variety to your races and also remain to sustain the development of the game.
The intro reveals what appears to be both new locations.
The first appear like a type of sky zone and has a new trap in the kind of turning ax?
This can additionally be seen in the video clip sticker label, which likewise provides incorrect with guillotined dual handling.
If you look a lot more closely, you can likewise see a kind of serpent monster holding what appears to be a trident behind-the-scenes, maybe it is the sharp and rather overprotective air ally which they talk of in
the description?
It might be the new employer that you will certainly be in charge of overcoming-only time will certainly claim it, yet as a result of the not so pleasant look of the character and the positioning of the scene, it is possibly the latter.
The second brand-new area presented in the intro appears to be a sort of ship cemetery as well as has a really troubling as well as ghostly atmosphere.

You can see the full trailer listed below.
Dead cells is an activity platform game motivated by Satellite, inspired by Metroidvania.
You will check out a vast as well as frequently developing castle… thinking that you are able to make your method front of its guards in 2D Souls-Lite battles.
No checkpoint.
Kill, pass away, learn, repeat.


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