Destiny 2

How To Get The Lodbrok Automatic Rifle

Destiny 2 presents multiple features throughout the game.
Specifically, these factions manufacture exclusive weapons and armor for the enjoyment of the guardians.
A good example is the new Hake automatic rifle known as Lodbrok-C.
This particular weapon has had a great impact within the community, since it could be a competitor to be one of the best automatic rifles in the game.
So today, let’s talk how to get the logbook automatic rifle and what is the God Roll in Destiny 2.

How to get the logbook automatic rifle in destiny 2

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Lodbrok-C is a worldwide spoil, which means that you can get any game activity.
Unfortunately, that really doesn’t limit how to get one correctly.
The world loot can be achieved simply playing, but there are ways to make it fall faster for you.
Our best recommendation would be to jump to the Vanguard Operations reproduction list and accelerate it.
These activities can be completed with relative ease in 10 minutes, and will give you the greatest opportunity to win worldwide quickly.

What is the God Roll for Logbook?

Now that we know how to get the logbook, it’s time to talk about what rolls you should look for in it.
This weapon has a surplus of PVP-centered advantages, with many solid combinations to choose from.
However, only two can be considered the God Roll for it.

Therefore, the advantages you should look for in Logbook are dynamic balance reduction and objective block.
Dynamic Sway Reduction will increase precision and stability the longer the trigger is pressed, while Target Lock, a new advantage introduced in season 19, increases the damage the longer the weapon.


This is potentially one of the new strongest matches of the game, since each benefit revolves around the trigger, which will increase your precision, stability and damage, which will allow great ease of use in the PVP content.
That is all you need to know how to get the Logbook automatic rifle in destiny 2. Be sure to consult our most recent guides in Destiny 2, such as how to get the new cowboy armor or why the jade rabbit was disabled.
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