The Callisto Protocol: New Patch takes performance problems & missing PS4.

In between eleven and 13 gigabytes, it supplements the intellectual successor of Dead Area by some enhancements for battling, localization optimizations and general quality of life changes.
In addition, an issue is resolved in which The Callisto Procedure’s trophies were not integrated on the PS4.

A fresh upgrade for The Callisto Procedure was launched overnight, which looks after various efficiency issues and difficulties of stability.

The Callisto Procedure: These improvements brings the new upgrade

The designers announced the schedule of the new update for all platforms through the main Twitter represent The Callisto Protocol.


In the very same breath, you thank the player to feedback and promise to continue to be open to that.

According to the reports of different gamers, the rather typically formulated enhancements are mainly faster recovery animations.
In addition, weapons change ought to be brought out faster and less time must be needed to reload.
The accelerated recovery animations end up being clear as soon as again in the clip of a Reddit user:

Other players likewise report skulking deaths, which according to the designers, however, make up a big proportion of the frightening factor of The Callisto Protocol and from which we need to only see everybody with the Season Pass.

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