Xok h returned to star in a new controversy, this time against its parents


New explosion of the Pokeys live and direct.
The popular content creator h gone viral after loading harshly against his parents, to the point of insulting them.
During one of his direct, the steamer attacked against them for bothering him when he talked to his grandmother on the phone.
I have to call them for a fucking responsibility.
And my fucking parents, who always do me the fucking himself, he said of them, which he h also described delayed.
I sweat my cock, and I’m going to say it here. Really, if there is any person here who h an old person at home, do not have conversations next to them when they are on the ph1. I don’t know how you can be so imbecile,
I do not stop telling him, and he always does the same.
And to take care of.
Pokeys h affirmed that his parents are notified to move away when he talks with his grandmother.
Give him the fucking phone and gone to the s, my life is very busy.
I have to solve issues until I am opening directly.

The apologies of the Pokeys

I hadn’t overcome a situation, male, he said in the live.
I don’t like being, I don’t like being vulnerable.

He h surpsed me and sorry.
Really, I apologize for everyone, I apologize to my parents (I have already ked them).
I love them very much, I already said it too, that nothing happens, that it is a situation that I am not channeling well and that I feel them.
The streamer h stressed that he is aware that he is not always up to par.
It h been a year full of very good things and very bad things.
I think I have certainly taken it, but there have been times when I have not worked so well. Pokeys h also remembered that it is important to say I love you loved ones.