Callisto Protocol: PS5-Update 1.08 released

The main goal of The Callisto Protocol is to make the game more intuitive and, of course, easier to learn. The update brings a new tutorial system that is much easier to navigate and understand in order to ensure players have the best time possible.

A new upgrade on variation 1.08 was released for The Callisto Protocol
It does not bring any new material into the video game.
However, the developers of the striking range studios ensured a number of combating and stability enhancements.
A brand-new update is readily available for all platforms, stated the studio.
Eagerly anticipate combat improvements, efficiency and stability enhancements, localization optimizations and general changes to the lifestyle.


We listen and are grateful for your feedback.
There will be more..

synchronization of PS4 prizes fixed

In addition to the changes mentioned, the striking range studios verified that the relentless problem with the synchronization of PS4 trophies was likewise dealt with.
Some of you have asked, and we can confirm that PS4 trophies are now synchronized by means of the PSN.
Thank you for your perseverance, it says.
Even beyond the technical issues that The Callisto Procedure pestered on the PC, the game is not at the hoped-for level of a Dead Space.
While the horror elements look solid, there are issues in other places, as the global test reports exposed.
A few of the criticisms were also attended to in our test, although the title left a good impression: Although we are not rather definitive in regard to content, we like the widely known story as a whole, says the conclusion, to name a few things in conclusion.
After the launch, the accusation occurred that Sony’s participation in advancement caused part of the performance issues.
The developers opposed this report.
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The Callisto Procedure was released on December 2, 2022, for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.
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