Pau Games And Nihon Falcom Sign IP Contract For Hero Legend Garab Trilogy

Domestic developer Pay Games has signed an IP contract for Nixon Falcon’s hero legend, Garb Trilogy.

‘Hero Legend Gaga Trilogy’ is a two of the heroes of Falcon’s heroes of the Heroic Legend III White Woman, Hero Legend IV Scarlet Band '', and Hero Legend V Sea Ham ”
It means a work on the continent.
The hero legend series is a popular RPG series in Japan as well as in Korea, and the three-stage ‘trajectory’ series is being released.

After signing an IP contract, Pay Games is developing a mobile game based on this Gaga Trilogy.
The title of the game, as well as the project name, has not been disclosed yet, but Lee Kwangju, CEO of Pay Games, says Gaga Trilogy is a ‘love-love game’ and will do its best to develop a game that will use the feeling at the time through collaboration with Nixon Falcon.


It was revealed.

However, since it is the most recent work of the three works belonging to Gaga Trilogy, the Hero Legend V Sea is nearly 25 years old, so what kind of actual visual implementation will be made, and to some extent the in-game narrative volume
It is still unknown to the original reproduction, such as whether to keep it in the line.

As it is the early days of development, there is no public information related to the game, but Pay Games announced that it will disclose the details sequentially according to the development progress.

Founded in 2018, Pay Games has developed ‘Kingdom: The Embers of War’ using Neo wiz’s ‘Bless’ IP, and recently developed ‘Prison Tail M’.