Unraveling The Magic Behind Dragon Ball: How Akira Toriyama Made It Possible For Everyone To Understand

Roku and company have faced aliens, gods, demons, and creatures of other dimensions.
However, regardless of the challenge that is presented to them, it is always possible to communicate without problems with everyone.
In this way, many have wondered how this is possible in Dragon Ball.
Well, there is actually an official answer that clarifies this doubt.
To begin, on the planet Earth of Dragon Ball there are no nations as in the real world, but everything is included in a single kingdom, where everyone speaks common language.
While some regions have unique dialects, at the end of the day everyone can speak in a single way to understand each other.
This not only applies to humans, but to creatures like Oblong and Par.


The interesting thing is that this common language is not unique on planet Earth, but that it exists throughout the universe.
This is something that can be seen in action when Freezer arrives in Name.
While the Piccolo race has its own language, they are also able to speak in general so that everyone understands each other.

In this way, Akira Oriya manages to explain how all Dragon Ball characters can be understood among them.
As if that were not enough, this expanded in Super, when the same concept was used interdimensional.
Thus, all those who have doubts, or consider that this is a mistake, can sleep peacefully at night to know that violence is not the only universal language in Dragon Ball.
In related issues, Dragon Ball would be seen as a type B movie. In the same way, this would see the Androids 17 and 18 in real life.