Where Did It Go? A Look At The Once Popular Champion Who Now Fades Into Oblivion In LOL Season 13

League of Legends’s goal, combined with players’ behavior, can be virtually fatal to champions, who quickly risk falling into oblivion.
ianna, for example, is a champion we used to see regularly in Summoner’s Rift, but whose popularity began to fall during MOB season 12, with her appearing only once in major professional competitive leagues so far (in a match against T1 against
This is less than some characters that have never been very popular in the professional scene, like Soraya.


is the goal responsible for the disappearance of ianna?

This is obviously the first answer everyone will think.
ianna is a champion whose Power spike reaches three items and with the games tending to accelerate, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a team to endure all the time she needs to grow, without ending up delaying her opponent.
This trend is not new, but until last year ianna could at least stay in the game, which happened because of her good starting start for those who do not know the character very well, her passive allows her to have some of her
self-attacks that are enhanced.
This allowed her to apply poke to the opposing Midlands, disrupting their route phase.
Yes, ianna was far from super effective, but her direct opponent usually had a little delay that made the character’s disadvantage tolerable.

Air: The true enemy of ianna?

ianna’s usefulness at the beginning and a half of the game was, therefore, especially to participate in the fights and disrupt the opponents.
However, Air currently seems to do this better-although also appearing as support in some regions.
Shrimp’s emperor ultimate is a little easier to use, passive is great for controlling the map and preventing opponents from punishing certain actions, it has more mobility than ianna, which makes it safer, and finally, finally,
His late game leaves nothing to be desired for ianna’s.
We could even say it is better, because your DPS is more constant, while if ianna’s spells are diverted, it should wait a few seconds before they can harm again.

In a duel between the two, Air takes total advantage in the route phase.
His soldiers can apply Poke to ianna while he gets safe, and it is almost impossible for her to threaten him without the help of his hunter.
Of course, this observation is only valid for the current versions of both champions.
Air was released in 2014, and the two champions still can be relevant from time to time.
Despite this, it is interesting to note that ianna went from 40% presence in season 11 to 3% at the beginning of season 13 (with 14% in season 12), while Air continues to grow little by little (25% in season 11 and 33%
In 12).