How The Asia Server Could Harm Albion Online – A Cautionary Tale

Normally, including servers to new regions for an is an advantage. It opens the video game to gamers who were formerly region locked or just couldn’t play the video game due to bad ping. Also, this typically has extremely little influence on the gamers who are already playing the video game due to the fact that many s are already spread across multiple servers per area.

In addition, with the player base spread thin, it’s possible that big guilds would wish to move back to get the PVP material that they formerly had. If we look at the game closest to Albion Online, Eve Online, we can see that a Chinese server did not work out extremely well. Eve Online is likewise a full-loot, PVP (although its embedded in space), it and has a single main server situated in London.

A mass selling of items would crash the economy while a rush on gold would increase the price of gold while deflating the value of silver. This would harm almost everyone in the video game and make it even more tough for gamers to pay for premium memberships with silver made in the video game. Players who are utilized to paying for the premium membership with silver earned all of a sudden can’t however in-game manage have an increased possibility of leaving the video game due to the big benefits premium offers.

Players from every region come together in a single video game circumstances on PC and mobile to play the exact same video game concurrently. You merely go out into the world and engage with other players.

Depending on the specific area of the Albion East server, it could draw in players from Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, which integrated make up a considerable portion of Albion Online current population. Other players have actually specifically told me they will only log in for certain material till the brand-new server launches, which they’ll move to.

The alternate scenario is that Albion East has a flash-in-the-pan success however quickly dies, and many gamers go back to the initial server. In my viewpoint, this would be the best-case circumstance for the game. Possibly a devoted but little group remains on the East server forever, but the significant Asian guilds return to the initial Albion Online server. This would likely be a blow to SBI for the expenses of setting up and preserving new server facilities, however it wouldn’t have the long-lasting effects of an irreversible migration of players.

The higher gamer population the more effective that cycle and the in-game economy end up being, which makes the video game in general more pleasurable for every1. If there’s a migration from the video game and there’s a shortage of PVP, Eve, or crafting gamers, the game ends up being imbalanced. If there aren’t adequate enemies to eliminate for castles or territories, PVP players will get tired and carry on to a various game. Same thing if Eve players can’t fill dungeon groups or if craters can’t move their items. Furthermore, if players aren’t losing gear to PVP battles or being ranked, equipment worth with decrease since it will flood the market.

Practically as quickly as I ended up composing about how 2023 is the very best year to start and/or continue playing Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive dropped a massive bomb. Set up for release in March 2023, Albion Online will be getting a brand-new server dedicated to the Asia-Pacific Region.

There are two likely scenarios once Albion East comes online and neither are great for the game. The first would be the most devastating and see a big migration of gamers from the aforementioned areas to the brand-new server. This move would likely trigger a domino effect of events that could permanently damage the original server for several factors.

Either method, Albion East will set the foundation for the future of Albion Online. It could lay the structure for numerous servers throughout numerous regions however most likely at the cost of deteriorating the initial if East is successful and does not tear apart the initial server. If East fails then SBI is not likely to release extra servers and the original will continue to be the dominant force. Undoubtedly, I think the latter is the finest for the survival and future of the game, but despite what in fact occurs I hope that Albion Online progresses for it.

Each of these game modes relies on gamers from the other. Eve players farm mobs and sell products to craters who in turn make devices that PVP players lose in fight.

This is where the problem with Albion East can be found in. The present Albion Online server is situated in Washington DC. Clearly, this gives North American gamers a relatively good benefit when it concerns ping, nevertheless, this area was picked to try to offer a playable ping for Europe and Russia as well. Additionally, Albion Online can be played relatively well with a greater ping than many other games due to its battle design. At the time of Albion’s early advancement, Asia was plainly not a major consider deciding the server place.

Eve players farm mobs and sell items to craters who in turn make devices that PVP gamers lose in fight. Depending on the precise place of the Albion East server, it could draw in players from Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, which combined make up a significant portion of Albion Online existing population. There would be fewer players total and due to the fact that nearly all the content is gamer created the amount and quality of the material would suffer. Less PVP suggests fewer individuals buying the products from craters and Eve gamers, which suggests these gamers either require to slow production or enormous inflation hits the game and this develops less incentive to craft brand-new products.

Despite the fact that the video games primary server Harmony has been slowly losing players over time, It’s still fairly healthy with an average of 25,000 players online in a 24-hour duration. The Chinese server Peacefulness in comparison is essentially dead with 7,000 players online in the very same duration and less than 3,000 active at any given time. Obviously, many large Chinese alliances returned to Harmony a few years back and the server has been reasonably inactive considering that.


Numerous gamers have actually spent years leveling up their characters and even with understanding from the initial server there won’t right away be products readily available to farm high-level locations. It might take years for particular types of content, such as black zone PVP, to reproduce what is available on the present server, which could disappoint players specifically looking for that content.

Even though the video games primary server Tranquility has been slowly losing gamers over time, It’s still reasonably healthy with an average of 25,000 gamers online in a 24-hour period.

There would be fewer players total and due to the fact that almost all the material is gamer developed the quantity and quality of the content would suffer. Less PVP means less individuals purchasing the items from craters and Eve players, which implies these players either require to slow production or massive inflation strikes the video game and this develops less incentive to craft new items.

A secondary impact of this migration would likely involve a mass discarding of products by players who are moving to the brand-new server. In order to maintain as much account worth as possible, and possibly even make money, it’s likely that players moving to the new server would offer off many of their items and purchase gold.