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Markoon Explains Why Major League of Legends Season 13 Jungle Changes Are Good For The Game

I seem like you can play nearly whatever, he stated. It seems like you can be really imaginative in the jungle and not get penalized too hard, but you can also power farm if you desire. I think it’s in fact beginning to strike a good balance between the two.

Up until now in the 2023 LEC Winter Split, Maroon has played a few of the most popular jungles in the meta. He pulled off Segueing and Elise twice, declaring 4 wins as an outcome.

Big League of Legends changes are usually criticized by players, but SK Gaming Mark Maroon van Counsel has applauded the designers for the recent jungle upgrade.


Maroon has been performing well, boasting a 3.0 DA ratio after 6 video games, according to League statistics site Oracles Elixir. SK are currently in second place alongside G2 Esports, Mad Lions, and Group BDS.

In an interview with The Loadout on Jan. 31, the LEC gamer discussed he’s keen on the jungle modifications presented in Season 13. He confessed Riot has done a good task with the jungle however he often hates change, so this is an uncommon sensation for him.

Maroon also shed some light on why the jungle modifications are really great for League. Simply put, he underlined that jungle mains can get creative, which unlocks for playing anything they desire in the position.

Maroon and SK will return to action on Saturday, Feb. 4 when they face off against Astral is.