Get Ready For The Day Before Gameplay Footage Tomorrow: Heres What You Need To Know

When Fantastic delayed the game, they said it was because they had failed to trademark the title before somebody else did. The group confessed that pinning the newest delay on the trademark claim was an excuse, and the delay was already prepared.

After the most recent hold-up and the lack of gameplay video, some had questioned if the development was anywhere near where Fantastic stated it was, and some even wondered if they had anything at all. Current statements, like placing The Day Prior to in an Nvidia CES display provided the project more trustworthiness. It appears that the group is aiming to win the self-confidence of those who aren’t so sure about supporting the job.


The recently-delayed (once again) The Day Before, which devs planned to postpone prior to being hit with a trademark claim, might be getting some assured gameplay video tomorrow after all.

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Today, on the games Discord, came a main post with the pledge of that 10-minute video tomorrow.

Due to the trademark problem, they claimed they might not show a 10-minute gameplay video that they stated would reveal people what The Day Prior to actually plays and looks like. Skeptics have actually had some doubts after the team put out a call for volunteers to help them end up development, and then later on offering a remark to state that there was a mix of unpaid and part-time work.