League of Legends: The Champion Who Inflicts Less Damage Per Game Has The Highest Win Rate

Those who play League of Legends are tired of knowing that to win a match, you need to destroy the opposing Nexus, and to reach this point of the game, you need to overthrow your enemies and their towers several times.


There are those who even believe that it is only possible to win if much damage is inflicted on opponents, but this is not true.

The race that drops this myth is this champion that gives less damage to game, but has the best victory rate of MOB from Riot Games.

This is contagious rhythm

The champion in question is Strafing.
Currently, the support has an insolent victory rate of 53.73%, although it deals only 16,647 damage per match.
For comparison, ahead of them we have Nil ah with only 17,055, while the most inflicted champion in LOL is Dog’maw, with 26,375 and 50.86 of victory rate.
Is this or is it not an impressive feat for the dreamy singer?
Currently, Strafing is more thrown in her original position in the game, that is, as support-alleys she is still chosen as a shooter when she is next to other long-range supports such as Senna, Son or Ashe.
It is no coincidence that these three champions are also the ones that have the most double matches on the lower route according to U.GG.
This type of matchmaking on bot lane usually works very well.
Strafing and their pair can use spells with an area of effect to pokier and apply Hara’s to opponents throughout the game.
In addition, these champions have a slight tendency to be able to protect and heal, which makes opponents to attack them at the beginning of the game.
If you like to play Strafing, this is the ideal time to do so.
Despite its impressive victory rate, it is chosen in only 1.1% of the games and has a ridiculous banishment rate of 0.5%, i.e. it is very likely that it is completely available if you want to select it.