Spellforce: Conquest of EO – A New Way To Play in the Steam Topseller List

Spell force: Conquest of EO is not a common spell force, because it playfully follows a somewhat different method than fans of the series are utilized to.


This appears to be well received by method fans, because the game presses into the Steam top seller shortly after the release.
The release discount rate of 20 percent makes the favorably ranked video game even a bit more appealing.

strategy secret suggestion on Steam: The new Spellforce: Conquest of EO will be released on Steam on February 3, 2023, and primarily enjoys positive reviews there.

It is presently in 7th place in the top seller (source: Steam).
For the release, there is a 20 percent discount on the video game, which presently costs 23.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros.
The offer is still valid up until February 10, 2023.
The release trailer for Spell force: Conquest of EO:

no spell force 4, but 4x

The brand-new spell force is most likely to be considered as a spin-off in the series, since unlike the predecessors, Conquest of EO is not a role-playing video game with method elements.
It is a round strategy video game, a 4x video game, which represents Explore, Broaden, Make Use Of and Eliminates.
A well-known agent of the genre is the Civilization series or, which is closer to Spell force, Heroes of May and Magic.
In Conquest of EO you are the tradition of a magic tower and may further broaden this tower either as a necromancy, alchemist or magic smith.
The character of your option can select from various magic, which you get from a vibrant grimier.
In order to assert you in the world of EO, you also need soldiers and servants who are conjured up or recruited depending on the chosen path and then let them combat in round-based battles.
Your soldiers are led by heroes and your apprentices, who then search the video game world for resources and arcades.
Your rivals naturally desire to contest you and so you carry the fight to the opponent magicians and besiege their magic towers.
Conquest of EO might not be the spell force that fans anticipated, but fans of this kind of method games need to take a closer look.