Unlock Your Wizarding Dreams With Twitch Drops In Hogwarts Legacy

Warner Bros. and avalanche software wish to commemorate the launch of hogwarts Legacy with some rewards for Twitch audiences, which are enjoying the video game’s transmissions in the next couple of days.
Two various campaigns existed.
You can soon look forward to several things if you meet the requirements.
We’ll tell you what you need to do here!

twitch drops for Hogwarts Legacy are live!

A special present that you only survive the Twitch project is Merlin’s blue cloak.
The objective for the conservation of the item is fairly simple-even if you have to do some things beforehand.
In detail, you have to see 20 minutes of the early gain access to stream on the Twitch channel from Avalanche, which on 7.
February at 5 p.m. There is a second opportunity once again on 10.

February for the main release of Hogwarts Legacy.
Here, too, the live stream begins at 5 p.m.

more presents in the launch period

The designers have prepared even more twitch drops for all fans.
A total of 4 items can be triggered in between February 7th and 24th.
To do this, you just have to watch a banner of your choice when playing Hogwarts Tradition.


Make certain that the drops are triggered.
There is one of the gifts every 30 minutes.
The project is therefore completed after 2 hours.
In the tweets you get a look at the rewards.

link your accounts

That the presents arrive in your game, you initially have to connect the accounts at Twitch and WB Games.
You can find all the information on the corresponding site from Hogwarts Legacy (purchase now/ EUR 53.99).
You only have to pick up the particular benefits in the Twitch stock if you have actually finished the required tasks.
A short time later, the things ought to appear in the video game.
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