Technical Problems Cost Swedes a Medal: Sebastian Samuelssons Screw Loose at Oberhof World Cup Start

Technical problems at the rifle of Olympic champ Sebastian Samuelson probably expense the hoped-for podium in Oberon on Wednesday in Oberon.
After the race, it ended up that the screws with which the rifle was connected to the shaft were loose, composed the 25-year-old on Instagram.

reason for 3 charge rounds

As the last runner, Samuelson had actually won three charge rounds in the shooting, he then required all three after loaders.
As a result, the quartet in the sovereign triumph of the Norwegians around Dominator Johannes Thingies BO had no chance of the medal ranks and eventually became ninth.
Samuelson pressed tears in the target location.

I continue to trust my abilities and am currently anticipating the sprint on Saturday.

Sebastian Samuelson
He concluded his post with positive words.
I continue to trust my skills and am currently looking forward to the sprint on Saturday, composed Samuelson: Thanks to everybody who called me in different ways with motivating words.


Under the short article, international competitors likewise responded such as the currently pausing Norwegian Tirol Emhoff and Quentin Dillon Millet, who had bronze with the French mixed relay.
The German group with Vanessa Vogt, Denise Herrmann-Wick, Benedict Doll and Roman Sees had also not reached sixth due to the fact that of the Vogelwild, who says Bird wild, at the start of the house World Cup.