Hogwarts Legacy: Uncover the Secret Chamber Entrance – Find out How!

Hogwarts Legacy puts him to study at the school of magic and witchcraft, and she has many and many secrets, such as the room needs, the map room and, of course, the secret chamber.
How to find the entrance to this known place that was created by Salazar Slytherin?
Does a basilisk wait there, or are you completely empty?
Find out below:

How to find the Secret Chamber in Hogwarts Legacy?

  • Use the Flu powder to reach the lower staircase (see photo above)
  • You will come across a ladder that goes down and a path to your right to climb
  • Go down the stairs
  • There will be one way to the left and one to the right
  • Turn right
  • Stay straight until you find two paths, one to the right and one to the left (the left is the men’s and the right, the feminine)
  • Turn right again
    You will arrive in the women’s room, the entrance to the Secret Chamber.
    Use reverse on the center pillar that is surrounded by sinks to collect a field guide page.
    Don’t worry, the moaning Marta is not in the bathroom, because you don’t even want to be born and went to Hogwarts, the more you could be killed.

How to enter the Secret Chamber?

Unfortunately there is no way to enter the secret chamber.

Obviously it already exists, as it was built by Salazar Slytherin and, just as you can access your office in the game, the camera could be available as long as you had an OffidiGlota by your side (maybe Omanis?).
You can find the bathroom sink snake designs by marking exactly the entrance to the chamber.


Perhaps one day we have a DLC with this famous place, and we can face the basilisk, which would give a formidable boss.