Ltd. Time Deal Event: MSI Sword GF76 & Vector GP66 Gaming Notebook at the Lowest Price for 1 Hour – 11th Avenue, Saturday 10pm

MS AI Korea Co., Ltd. (, CEO) will hold the Time deal of ‘MSI Sword GF76’ and ‘MSI Vector GP66’ Gaming Laptop this weekend on February 11 and 12.
It said it proceeds.

The time deal event will be held in 11th Avenue for 1 hour.
At 10 o’clock (22:00) on Saturday night, you can see the Sword GF76 gaming laptop and the vector GP66 high-performance gaming laptop at 11 pm (23:00) on Sunday night.
Product buyers will also hold a photo-rating event that presents Starbucks Coffee Coupon.

Sword GF76 A11UE Basic is an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics and 144Hz refreshing gaming notebooks.
The 17.3-inch large screen was applied to a thin bezel of 5 mm to secure a cool screen and a 15.6-inch portable.

The Vector GP66 12ueo, which allows you to get a free DDR5 8 GB memory upgrade, is equipped with the Intel i7-12650h and RTX 3060.

It shows pleasant game performance with the power of non-optimus and the power of up to 185W (GPU 140W +CPU 45W).


In particular, the OLED QHD 240Hz high-stock panel provides excellent immersion and clear and soft screen not only in the game but also in various video viewing environments.

Meanwhile, more information about the MSI notebook can be found on the MSI user café or MSI Korea website.