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Producer Hazama Fuels Rumors of Final Fantasy Tactics Remake – Development Team from Square Enix to Release in Autumn 2021

As early as autumn 2021, the rumor provided us that a team of development from Square Enix is dealing with a remake of the strategy role-playing game Last Fantasy Tactics.
The new edition not just appeared in the extensive GeForce Now-Leak, which has actually largely come real.
In addition, the developers of Lidos Montreal invites playing tests, which were still part of Square Enix at the time, which according to the welcomed users indicated a remake of Final Dream Tactics.
After this subject was very peaceful again, it is now Cairo Mazama, the producer of Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, who plays the speculation about the remake of Final Fantasy Tactics once again in a present interview.

Final Dream Tactics team is dealing with a brand-new project

Originally, the interview about Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line and the concern of why the characters and soundtracks from Final Fantasy Tactics were hardly considered in which spin-off were hardly taken into account.
In the course of the interview, the manufacturer of the spin-off explained that the development team of Final Fantasy Tactics is presently merely hectic working on a brand-new project.
The Tactics group is extremely busy at the moment, they have other things to do.


They are greatly involved in another task at the moment, so we simply don’t have time to speak with them.

I think that’s most likely the reason Tactics characters were no longer contributed to the video game.
We just require time to discover out the details, stated Mazama.
It is hypothesized that Square Enix Manufacturer might undoubtedly have actually referred to the remake of Final Fantasy Tactics.
An official statement or perhaps confirmation from Square Enix is still pending.
Source: PlayStation Way Of Life
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