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Steamforged Games Releases Dark Souls Bestiary Filled with 5E Compatible Monsters

Steam forged Games is launching their very first supplement to its Dark Souls role playing game, which will adapt 80 Dark Souls monsters to 5E guidelines. This week, Steam forged announced Dark Souls RPG: The Tome of Strange Beings, a new bestiary that will add brand-new Dark Souls monsters for use in Dark Souls: The Role playing Game or in any 5E project. Confirmed monsters in The Tomb of Strange Beings consists of Bernstein and Slough, Pisa ca, Grave lord NATO, and Lord Gwyn. Based on the description of the book (which points out that monsters will come from Lord ran and Dracula, it appears that the majority of the monsters in The Tome of Strange Beings come from Dark souls and dark souls 2. Monsters from Dark Souls 3 appear in the Core Rule book of the role playing video game.


Steam forged originally launched Dark Souls: The Role playing Game in 2022, although the game received criticism for its choice to use Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition for its underlying rule set rather of a bespoke games system or a system more compatible with Dark Souls’ styles. An early edition of the video game also consisted of many rules inconsistencies and mistakes, which resulted in Steam forged re-printing a modified edition and pushing back the release of the video game to mass retail till later on last year.

Steam forged has a large line of Dark Souls video games, including a huge Dark Souls board video game focused mostly on fighting big employers and monsters and a Dark Souls card game. Steam forged has continued to broaden on the Dark Souls parlor game for a number of years, with two standalone expansions just released last year. Steam forged is also developing an Elden Ring board video game that includes a mix of expedition and battle.


Dark Souls RPG: The Tome of Strange Beings will be launched in August 2023.

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