Page Title: Using Magic Without a Wand in Hogwarts Legacy – Learn How to Perform Spells Without an Instrument

All Hogwarts students handle a powerful wand that can use to launch spells, including confringing, action and repair.
However, some witches and magicians do not need this tool at all, as you have seen with Professor Fig at the beginning of the game.
With this in mind, you may ask: Can you use magic without a wand in Hogwarts Legacy?
Here you have everything you need to know about this subject.

Is there magic without wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

Players cannot use magic without a wand in Hogwarts Legacypero some witches and magicians can perform this game ability.
In addition to the Professor Fig, NASA Money of Gryffindor also does not need to use this tool for magic since his previous school, Paradox, does not use it for his studies.
In addition, you can get more information with her during the first class of enchantments, where she will tell you her experience and how magic without wand differs from standard practice in Hogwarts.


Apart from these characters, domestic elves also have this ability, and you will see several of them appear in Hogwarts.
It is not entirely clear if the magic without a wand will be added to the game for the players later, but could debut in a DLC or a secondary mission, especially because Money can start this technique.
For now, you can take advantage of the variety of spells of your set, which can be expanded with future updates, since there are many more enchantments in the world of Harry Potter.
That is enough for our guide on whether you can use magic without a wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

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