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Solve a Riddle with Light Emit Demo: In Sea of Stars, Venture Forth and Conquer!

In Sea of Stars, you lead a group of adventure seekers through a bizarre world, defeating monsters and collecting rare artifacts along the way.
The visual style of the game is largely inspired by Throne Trigger, with charming retro schedule and nostalgic soundtrack.
The release of Sea of Stars was scheduled for August 29, 2023, but during the presentation of Nintendo Direct, the developers presented an impressive demo version.
Here’s how to solve the rider with the emitter of light in the demo version of Sea of Stars.

How to fix the light emitter in the demo version of Sea of Stars?

Step One: Gather the Green Crystal.

To fix the light emitter, you must first collect a green crystal from a chest in the emitter room.
This chest is out of reach, so you must move the purple box with a mistral bracelet, which will allow you to rise to the chest platform.
With a green crystal in tow, return to the light emitter and place it in a pillar on the right.
This makes the emitter reflect the green light, creating a green portal during the process.
Go through the portal.

Step Second: Solve a puzzle with a plate and collect a blue crystal.

Having passed through the green portal, find the chest upstairs-the right part of the room.
This is your goal, but in order to get there, you must solve a puzzle with luminous slabs on the ground.
There are two plates, one in the center of the room and one on a high platform near the left side of the room.
First step on the central plate.
Then jump on the broken sections of the floor and climb onto the left stove.
Open the chest, then step on the left plate.

Now the platforms are changed again, so jump on the luminous platforms on the floor.
From here, rise to the right platform, jump from the platform to the luminous plate, then stand on it.
This opens the wall, which previously barricaded the chest, allowing you to trace your steps and take the blue crystal from the chest.

Step Third: Solve a puzzle with a teleport.

In this puzzle, everything becomes a little tiring.
When you jump through the hole of the teleport, you again appear in another place in the room, but it is easy to get lost.
To solve this riddle, first jump into the portal with an arrow to the north.
Climbing vertical platforms and fight with two wanderers.
It is best to attack these enemies with basic attacks before they apply their powerful skills.
After the battle, jump into the portal on the right edge of the platform.
Climb the stairs and fight with sorceress watch and screenshot.
In this clash, follow the skill of the Virus Discharging of the Bubbles, as it causes damage to the entire group.
Then go to the right side of the platform and jump to the lower level.
Jump into the only available teleport, then step on a luminous plate.
After the battle with four opponents is completed, stand on a luminous plate, and then jump into a new available teleport.
Cross you on the platform where you are faced with the first battle, and activate the lever.
Enter the hole of the teleport, and you must return to where you started.
Then enter the teleport, facing the east, then select a luminous object.
Leave the blue portal and return to the room with the light emitter, then place the green crystal in a pole to the left of the light emitter.
Both crystals should be inserted into the light emitter at the same time. A new portal must appear.


Go to the portal.

Step Four.

Get the third and last crystal.
If you have not rested at the fire yet, now it’s time to do it.
There will be another fight ahead, so cooking food is reasonable in advance.
When you are ready, jump on the stones and interact with a luminous column.
This will give rise to several enemies, so wait for a tense battle.
After that, move the purple box with a bracelet mistral and interact with a luminous column.
This will give rise to even more enemies, so be prepared for another battle.
After this combat clash, move the purple box to the left side of the stone platform so that you can rise to the last luminous pillar.
This will put the beginning of the final battle in this section, so wait a little more.
Open the chest under the waterfall and take a red crystal.

Step Five.

Place the green and red crystals in the light emitter.
You will open a gold portal if you combine a green crystal and a red crystal at the light emitter.
In this room you can jump through many cubes, but you must be careful.
If you jump in the wrong order, you will be sent back to the beginning.
However, there are plates nearby that you can step on, and they open a safe path.
Follow this right track, then take the scroll at the end.
Go up the stairs and activate the luminous diamond on the floor, which will allow you to place the third crystal in the light emitter.

As soon as you finish this room, you do not need to go back, since the lever on the left side will take you back to the entrance.
Return to the room with the light emitter, then place the last crystal in the central column of the light emitter.
This action should create a white portal.
Now you have completed the puzzle with the light of the light.
However, before entering the emerging white portal, you must relax by the fire, cook food and save the game.
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