Stay Bredlow – Florian Müllers Absence Creates New Uncertainty in VfB Stuttgart Goal

It wasn’t that long ago that the concern of a change of awake in the goal of VfB Stuttgart did not emerge.

Florian Müller was set in the DFB Cup, in which all the predecessors of Bruno Lambada had previously made an exchange between number 1 and her deputy.
I quickly decided that Flo is our number 1. There is no reason to consider it, the 57-year-old stated despite the repeating wobble of the keeper.
Players can make errors for me. This is part of football. We need to accept that.
In Freiburg on Saturday, Müller’s intestinal problems made him a decision that he would most likely not have made anyhow, so as not to start a goalkeeper conversation in these uneasy times.
At around 1:10 p.m. we were informed that Flo turned over twice, states Lambada.


Factors to consider of bringing the number 3 to the Reagan to the number 3, Florian Shock, were declined in view of the brevity of the time till the kick-off.
We could not act anymore.
The primary coach declares that Müller finally had to sit on the bench as a safety measure.
Something might have occurred.

Bred low: Of course it is fun to base on the square

He should not happen.
A minimum of absolutely nothing that ought to affect Fabian Bred low.
The 27-year-old spent a fairly calm afternoon.
I had a good start and then an excellent sensation, states the shadow man Müller, who just needed to clarify in the preliminary phase by defense versus Michael Gregoritsch (1st) and had to conserve with a parade against Roland Sallie (11th) and consequently safety
In the 2 penalties that sprang up two fouls from Dan-Axel Paradox, Bred low was in the right corner both times without getting to the ball.
Bred low can not say what this service implies for future objectives.
They didn’t discuss that.
It is certain that it sounds through that he is expecting more.
Of course it is enjoyable to stand on the pitch. I would like to stand every video game on the pitch.
A desire that might not remain unfulfilled these days.
Unlike recently, Lambada does not want to devote herself to one number 1.
After the disappointing 1-2 in Freiburg, he has other ideas. I have to digest the video game first.
A no to Bred low sounds various.