While you can make friends with some, others are not so friendly.Answer: How to Kill an Inferius in Hogwarts Legacy – Tips & Strategies

In Hogwarts Legacy you can find all kinds of magical creatures and enemies.
While you can make friends with some, others are not so friendly, so you need to know the right spells to destroy enemies.
Hogwarts is a place of secrets, but solving them is your task.


Here’s how you can kill Inferior at Hogwarts Legacy.

What spells to use against the Hogwarts Heritage Infernos

Inferior, a plural of inferior, are a zombie-like creature who walk around the Hogwarts heritage world.
If you want to find these undead, head towards the Ciprian, south of Hogwarts.
You will notice Infer in the local cemetery.
Although they are dead and may seem dangerous, this is not so.
These creatures are slowly moving, and therefore they can be easily eliminated with the help of correct spells.
Infernos are mostly immune to most spells, but they are susceptible to light and fire, which means that you can easily use INSP or Covering to harm.

Use Intended if you are in the immediate vicinity of Infer and Covering for distant attacks.
As soon as they burn, you can use more deadly spells to destroy these creatures.
Take this opportunity to use to bombard spell to destroy these abominations.

What materials do you get from Inferior in Hogwarts Legacy?

You can get the smell of death from Infer, which is an important ingredient for preparing a powerful potion called Removal.
This potion raises a storm around the witches or wizards, causing great damage to all the enemies around.
In addition, you can buy a stench of death in the Delius J. Pippin store in Hogs mid for 100 galleons.
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