Answer: Get Shrivelfig Fruits at Hogwarts Legacy for Combat Potion Making

When it comes to creating combat potions, the fruit of currants is an important ingredient that can be found in the Hogwarts heritage.
This is one of the many plants available in the game and the potion of the thunder-necessary potion.
In the last stages of the game, you will often encounter several enemies at the same time.
The use of Removal potions creates a powerful storm that stuns and causes damage to all enemies within the radius of action.
This potion is also necessary to complete the tasks of the potions class, which means that you better know where to get shriveelfigs in Hogwarts Legacy.

where to find shriveling and seeds

Unlike Gorklamp’s juice, you cannot collect the fruits of Srivilfig in the open world.
You can buy SHRIVEL FIG SEEDS only that has a magic NIP store in Hogs mid.
The store is located in the western corner of Hogs mid, through the bridge connecting the potions of J. Pippin.
They are controlled by Timothy Tidal, a well-known supplier of fresh products, seeds and fertilizers.

Talk to him to check his inventory.
He sells 2 fruits of currant for 150 coins and currant seeds for 300 coins.
Since its inventory is limited, you can always return to The Magic Keep later to buy more.

How to grow Swiveling

After unlocking the room, you need to place the average potting station to grow the fruits of Srivelphigi.
Go to the potion store J. Pippin in Hogs mid to buy a spell of creating a middle pot (if you do not have it yet) and return to the requirements room.
Sit shriveling seeds in the middle pot and wait until they grow.


The growing time is 12 game minutes, so do not hesitate to explore the Hogwarts heritage until the plant is ready to collect.

How to use Swiveling

SHRIVEL FIG Fruit is an important ingredient if you want to create a thunder potion.
This potion can really come in handy when you fight with several enemies.
The reason is that he creates a storm around the drinking, which interferes with the movement of the enemy and causes him damage.