Nintendo Will Not Take Part in E3 2021 – Official Statement After 3 Years of Forced Break Due to COVID-19

After 3 years of forced appear Corona, the big resurgence of the world’s biggest video game fair was meant to occur this year.
But after Sony as well as Microsoft terminated, the Japanese game team Nintendo is now signing up with and also will not be located on the E3 this year.
Much more specifically, this suggests that all three major console manufacturers will certainly not create their very own booth in Los Angeles or with an on the internet press conference in 2023.

Nintendo, Sony and also Microsoft terminate!

We had currently reported in 2014 that the E3 2023 had big strategies: After a forced break needed to be taken in the past 3 years due to a specific pandemic, the game fair ought to ultimately return this year.
You have big prepared for this, to name a few points, the coordinators devoted the developers of the Star Wars celebration.
The most crucial point at a video clip game fair is obviously the video games themselves. As well as they have to be offered by some publishers on exhibition stands.

The only trouble is that there are fewer and much less of it that agree to present their games in Los Angeles.
As we lately reported, both Sony and Microsoft will certainly not be represented on the E3 this year.
During that time there was already speculation that Nintendo remained away from the fair.
As well as these reports are now confirming: The Japanese publisher and console maker confirms to IGN that you do not intend to take component in the E3 2023.

does the E3 happen this year?

In the declaration, Nintendo states: We begin our commitment from a case to a case at every occasion and constantly think about numerous means to contact our followers. Because this year’s E3 program did not fit in our plans
The decision made not to participate. However, we were and are a solid advocate of the ESA as well as the E3.
The last sentence is exciting: On the one hand, Nintendo apparently verifies that the non-participation this year is only an exemption which the coordinators are still sustained.
On the various other hand, the as soon as the biggest computer game fair will certainly not survive long if all 3 major console producers remain away for also lengthy.
Sony as well as the PlayStation have actually not been active individuals for several years, their discussions have actually constantly been held away from the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Microsoft also organized its very own occasion.
And Nintendo was constantly prominently represented with the Direct.
However, all 3 provided their games at the very least on the event facility.
So this year is different.
Ubisoft validated that you want to take part in the E3 if there are sufficient other publishers and video game designers that additionally take part.


It is doubtful whether many others will discover themselves.
The event should really take location from June 13th to 16th.
Ultimately, nonetheless, it remains uncertain whether the E3 will happen this year if the interest for the fantastic publishers is so reduced.
Just how do you see that: Would certainly you eagerly anticipate events on the E3 or do you do not care regarding the fair anyway?
Like to compose that in the comments!
Source: IGN
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