Anno 1800 Anniversary Update: Ubisoft Mainz Reveals Whats New!

With the anniversary update, the last big material patch for Anna 1800 shows up on computer.
In a current blog site access, Ubisoft Mainz goes right into the highlights of the upcoming update, which need to be readily available as a download from April 4.
Along with the wedding anniversary patch for 25 years of Anna, there should additionally be a couple of surprises.
Nonetheless, details will just be sent to this in the coming weeks.

One point is particular: With the upcoming update, Anna 1800 gets creative setting as a totally independent game mode-one choice to the campaign as well as the cost-free play.
The version is aimed mainly at the Schopenhauer that want to develop the city of their dreams in a straightforward method.

that can be creative setting

Within imaginative setting, you have a limitless quantity of cash and also do not have to bother with cases like fires.
Furthermore, the influence system is shut off, while structures do not need a street connection.
Building prices, goods and also employees for manufacturing are also not needed.
In addition, you develop every type of household structure directly without having to update them.
You can put an unrestricted number of decorative variations of all monuments if you desire.
The construction of botanical yards and also large zoos is possible without having to collect the exhibits.
Materials of private LCS and aesthetic LCS are available in creative mode from Anna 1800 (get currently EUR 59.95/ EUR 53.99).


Save ## Layouts and also share it with various other players
The stamp attribute additionally shows up with the big anniversary upgrade.
This supplies a way to conserve layouts as well as utilize them once more later on or also in a different rating.
Just like the copy tool, you can select a series of buildings, roads, ornaments, and so on, which are then saved as stamp in a different food selection. You can rename every stamp and also select an icon for it, and also there are folders in the can sort your stamps, the programmers write.
You can organize as well as relabel both folders and also stamps beyond the game in Windows Traveler.
Furthermore, you can share developed stamps with other players on the net.
With each other with the brand-new features, a number of improvements also pertain to the structure video game.
After the upgrade, as an example, the streets can be updated and also decreased the value of by means of the upgrade tool.
There is also the possibility to turn on totally colored islands on the minimal.
From currently on you can search for certain items in warehouses and also in the expedition preparation menu.
The complete satisfaction calculation for household buildings is also being changed in order to better take into consideration hotels/tourists that have had insufficient impact thus far.
You can locate even more info regarding the upcoming optimizations on the Anna website.
The full spot notes are to be published around the release in early April.
The launch from Anna 1800 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S is prepared for March 16.
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