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FFXIV Endgame: What to Do After Beating the Story – Explore Raids, Gameplay Bingo & More!

And also when you do that… now what are you intended to do? The majority of computer game give some sort of success hunting or grinding for you to chase– so does FFI supply that?

Fortunately is, the majority of s offer some kind of endgame content, meaning activities as well as objectives to take on as soon as you’ve finished the bulk of, or every one of, the key web content. As well as FFI is no exception and has no lack of it! Its development group at Creative Company Unit 3 also prides itself on giving diverse material for players of all levels.

Many come into Last Fantasy XIV for a couple of things: the constantly prize-winning tale, which just won a Die award this weekend, and socializing. As well as if you’re one of these kinds of players, opportunities are that you’re going to catch completely up on the Key Situation Missions in good time, maybe make a buddy or couple of, degree up an additional course here or there.

Whether you’ve just hit the endgame, simply came to get up to the endgame, or are asking yourself if you should begin at all (which we believe is a definite yes), here’s what FFI has to offer.

Standard Casual Raids, Alliance Raids and Trials

All set to tip right into your initial big-kid web content? You’re very first objective ought to be to knock out the Raids, Partnership Raids, as well as Trials for each and every growth. Do not be as well frightened; these obligations aren’t awfully difficult. You basically just go in as well as take down a manager (as well as maybe a few little enemies).

It’s primarily like the Tests you’ve been doing, however it steps up the trouble level a little, making sure you’re taking note of the one in charge technicians as well as your own difficulty at the very same time. So long as you believe you’re competent with your job and also exactly how you evade auto mechanics with it, you’re probably all set to give it a shot.

All these responsibilities are also loaded with relevant game-enhancing story and also Last Fantasy franchise throwbacks. Until now, each main eight-man Raid series has actually tied right into the major tale without being absolutely necessary, and also all the Trial as well as Alliance Raid collection have actually been exciting supplements to the tale. The Crystal Tower is now simply mandatory, the Iva lice raids are considered semi-canon and also are wonderful fan service for Strategies fans, and the Nair raids are straight-up canon to other Nair games. They’re especially a few of one of the most popular lores in the wider fandom, so absolutely give all these a shot before you look up way too much fan art.

This web content for every expansion is as follows:

  • A Realm Reborn: The Binding Coil Raids, The Crystal Tower Alliance Raids, no independent Trials

  • Heavenward: Alexander Raids, Shadow of Mach Alliance Raids, Warring Triad Trials

  • Storm blood: Omegas cape Raids, Return to Iva lice Partnership Raids, The 4 Lords Trial Runs

  • Shadow bringers: Eden Raids, Korea: Dark Apocalypse Partnership Raids, Grief of Merlot Trials

This is all, obviously, besides leveling up all your courses, doing the Golden Dish, mingling, role playing, and simply relaxing on Lisa Louisa looking cute with the real endgame: making the most effective glamour.

A number of the tasks currently mentioned have a High-End Task version. When people speak about vicious raiding in the wider community, this is what they indicate! These are wicked-hard variations of the abovementioned responsibilities that include brand-new technicians, damage result and damage caps that create an added difficulty.

When you’re all set, you’ll start discovering Savage Raids, the difficult variation of the conventional eight-man Raids; like the common Raids, they’re divided into four fights per tier, so you’ll spend weeks or perhaps months discovering the ins as well as outs of them. Groups obtain pretty major concerning this, however there are usually static teams, or constant video game evening teams, that integrated to find out with each other. (If you desire a little understanding regarding what that’s like, I’ve written a little regarding my laid-back statics experiences!).

Gathering and crafting, or tasks in the Devotee of Hand as well as Land respectively, are significant service. I’m severe. In both gameplay and the actual endgame (glamouring), there are a great deal of things that can only come right into existence through crafting, driving the player economy.

From here, I’m hosting likely to recommend a few even more prominent, recurring endgame products that are relatively casual.


Search Marks & Hunt Trains are one of the most regular, well-organized ways to get endgame benefits. Don’t neglect to get each expansion’s Hunt guild, so you can make the involved money for rewards: your Grand Business in ARR, Clan Hunt in HW, Professional Clan Hunt in STB, Nuts Clan Search in She, as well as Guild ship Search in EW.

Lastly, there’s the Unreal Trial runs. Did you notice some Savage raids sync you up at a reduced degree? Once each spot cycle, the dev group chooses an old Savage raid to sync up to level 90 for an obstacle.

Finally, do not miss out on Hildebrand pursuit. Its slapstick humor not created every person, but It’s got some deep-cut Final Dream recommendations and a lot of surprise trials to deal with.

  • End walker: Pandemonium Raids, Myths of The World Alliance Raids, no independent Trials (yet).

High-End Obligation Raiding.

Crafting & Celebration (as well as the Gamer Economic Climate).

The very same goes for a lot of character prestige and also housing items! Certain things take expensive or just lengthy things to gather and craft; one item might need three or four crafting classes to create due to intermediate elements.

Just… Please, when you market, don’t damage your fellow gamers by thousands of Gil each time. I’m asking you. It injures everyone by reducing the value for on your own as well as your peers. Perhaps do 5 to 25 at a time.

Treasure Hunts, aka Maps, in which you collect (or acquire) treasure maps as well as look for unusual, often also exclusive, prestige, minions, and also crafting things. Obtain your good friends, due to the fact that there’s a great chance you get right into a Website with possibilities to win these and also large quantities of Gil.

As well as honestly? As soon as you’ve found the flow of it, I realized a while ago that its in fact pretty chill. You can simply stand out on Netflix as well as hit a few switches.

Rob Farming is when gamers grind to try to get things from certain employers, typically weapons, installs, and also crafting items, by doing particular duties consistently to attempt to obtain the things to go down. No matter that makes the loot, gamers obtain a Symbol that can be conserved to get the things that would certainly otherwise drop.

This is particularly the instance in raiding, which warrants a great deal of crafting premium versions of things, particularly tinctures (Alchemist) and also meals (Bulgarians), and also equipment at the beginning of the raid rate. Better, these products, at times, can just be made with things gathered by, well, Gatherers at the beginning of each patch cycle. This means that being an endgame crater is an entire professional ability set and also grind by itself.

Khloé Remarkable Tails, a biweekly (that’s every two weeks) bingo board of brand-new and old obligations. It fills out a bingo board at arbitrary using earned stickers, however if you obtain 9 stickers, you’re assured a prize regardless. You can open this at level 60 in Heavenward, and also it’s a great method to gain MGP, EXP, minions, and a lot more.

The earliest you can unlock is Royal residence of the Dead in The Black Shadow, which is a rogue-like that generates random dungeon layouts and has an independent leveling system as much as level 50. Its one of the most prominent ways to grind early levels of classes, so absolutely offer it a shot. If you appreciated it, there’s Heaven-on-High via Storm blood, and quickly it seems well be obtaining an End walker version, Eureka Ethos, in the existing spot cycle.

Island Refuge is unlockable after beating End walker and is a charming little Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing-style farming simulator. Its independent of all other development, and also you can make some really lovable things from it.

Farming, Hunts, Bingo and More.

Done with the huge tale web content with the team content above? Nope. There’s actually a lot of actually amazing material, both gameplay-wise and narrative, loaded right into some settings and also offerings throughout FFI.

There’s additionally Ultimate Raids, which are entirely different responsibilities from the above. They run off the very same concepts as Savage Raids, but are even more difficult.

You can only do these responsibilities with various other players, as its considered reasonably standard web content (emphasis on Enormously Multiplayer Online below). It’s not that hard; we lately got into exactly how to prepare for your initial multiplayer tasks if you have not done any type of multiplayer obligations.

Player Versus Player (or PVP) has an amazing collection of modes to attempt: Front lines and also Crystalline Conflict are frequently-utilized, yet there’s likewise Rival Wings, which is a little less-loved. You can grind these for degrees and/or awesome things to pick up.

If you’ve never done these, you’re going to start with Extreme Trial runs, which are the stepped-up variations of the Trials. They’re far a lot more tough than standard material, adding one-of-a-kind spins to MSQ and optional Tests that keep you on your toes. The community takes into consideration these training wheels for other challenging settings, as they’re not frequently as challenging, yet they certainly iron out whether you’ve obtained your task turning arranged out.

Nonstandard Gameplay Duties: Rogue likes, Open-World Duties, Variant Dungeons, and so on.

If Eureka appears acquainted, that’s since its either unlockable open-world grinding opportunities: Eureka Pros and Botha (Save The Queen, which likewise has Manor). Both have one-of-a-kind leveling systems and prizes, with a collection of events, special employers, and extra that maintain things fascinating. They’re commonly low-population, specifically for Boas large tasks, yet Dissonance groups as well as more might agree to team up to aid you survive.

As well as what do you obtain from all these? Shiny weapons as well as, for Ultimate, cool titles. Which is truth endgame of FFI, certainly. If you’re aiming to obtain into these, I’ll be offering an overview in the future, so maintain an eye out.

If that’s insufficient, there’s also Alternative Dungeons, an End walker add-on which is generally a miniature choose-your-own-adventure dungeon. It lasts about 15 minutes, with a two-boss style as well as a collection of small selections and ideas that hint at various other courses challenges. Now it’s primarily done for tradition as well as prizes, however after that, what material isn’t?

What do you do (or desire to attempt) with your FFI cost-free time?

If you’re looking to get right into these, Sickness be offering a guide in the future, so maintain an eye out.

Search Marks & Search Trains are one of the most consistent, efficient means to get endgame rewards. Don’t forget to get each development’s Quest guild, so you can make the involved money for rewards: your Grand Business in ARR, Clan Hunt in HW, Veteran Clan Search in STB, Nuts Clan Hunt in She, and Guild ship Hunt in EW.

It fills out a bingo board at random utilizing gained stickers, however if you obtain nine stickers, you’re ensured a reward regardless.

They’re commonly low-population, especially for Boas massive responsibilities, however Dissonance teams and also even more might be willing to team up to aid you obtain through.