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Hironobu Sakaguchis Latest JRPG Final Fantasy Sequel Coming to PC: Excitement Builds for Fantasian Release

As spotted (opens up in new tab) by freelance anime editor Kaelyn Sauced, Yamaguchi has just recently participated in the Monaco Anime Video Game International Seminar to talk about his occupation with IGN Japan (opens up in brand-new tab). As component of that chat, Yamaguchi states that he’s listened to fan desires to see Fantasia release on PC-and obtain a sequel-and wants to work to meet those expectations.

Yamaguchi was inspired (opens in new tab) to return to his roots with Fantasia after replaying Last Fantasy 6 with some initial development team. Not just are you getting lots of the turn-based battles you’ll identify from older Final Fantasy games, however something that seems like an expansion of its sixth installment relating to a few of the story components and how points flow.

The creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Yamaguchi, has teased that the workshop he established after leaving Square Enix might launch its newest JRPG past Apple Gallery, near 2 years after its initial release. That’s an optimal scenario for my neighborhood Apple Shop, as I could cease darkening its door to play the elusive mobile game.


Its heartening things. If you’ve run out the loop, Mist walker Studios released Fantasia throughout 2 components back in 2021, specifically for Apple Gallery. While the JPGs wholesome panoramas right away caught my eye, what brought those model towns together has actually created my inquisitiveness to linger considering that.

An expansion of Final Fantasy 6 played out on charming mini collections is a compelling pitch, though not one accessible to every person. Even if you own an Apple iPhone or iPad powerful sufficient, you’ll need an Apple Arcade Subscription. Obstacles thrown up by exclusivity arrangements are nothing brand-new in the market, though it’s hard not to be thrilled about one coming rolling down, particularly when it suggests getting your hands on something that sees a cherished developer return to their roots.