Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Rebreather and Stun Gun from the Spooky Cave on the Beach – Early Access Survival Horror Game Tips

However, if you wish to not simply survive, yet flourish, then you’re gonna require a few more products than what you start with. And there’s one cavern near the beach beginning location that will offer you a boost early with two very vital items of devices: the stun weapon, as well as the rebreathe.

Early Gain access to game Kids of the Forest certainly makes no attempts to hold your hand with its open-world survival horror experience– it just drops you on this hellish isle and also informs you to have a good time, with only a GPS device, a purpose, directions for constructing a few fundamental structures, as well as your own wits (and also those of your friends if you’re playing co-op) to obtain you through.

Exactly how to get the rebreathe in Kids of the Forest

There are 3 feasible starting spots, and if you’re fortunate you’ll get on the coastline right alongside the cavern which contains both the rebreathe and the stun weapon. Also, if you do start the video game following to this cave, you probably aren’t prepared to go right in– you’ll want to at least get a good weapon prior to heading in, and a light resource more powerful than your lighter would likewise aid, since this cavern is extremely dark.

And also, yes, you can eliminate the shark as well as swim under the cavern lake to obtain back to the surface area, however there’s no need to squander oxygen when we have other service in this cavern anyhow. At this point, you should backtrack to the cave fork we went over previously.


When you do decide to start, you’ll discover the cavern entrance blocked by planks of timber. You’ll have to damage them to survive, but consider the cautioning they stand for: there are some negative points down there that somebody really did not want venturing out. Yet as you’ll see soon, these individuals aren’t built for surface life. They’re still a danger to you while you’re down there.

Just adhere to the path for some time. You’ll wade via some waist-deep water with life jackets drifting in it prior to the path veers off to the right as well as eventually arises into a very dark as well as huge space with a lake in the center.

It is extremely essential that you do not enter the water, due to the fact that there’s a shark swimming around in it– that’s the only opponent on this course. So keep to the right as well as comply with the side of the water until you discover a huge backpack-looking thing next to several various other loo table things on the ground– that backpack is your rebreathe. When you choose it up it will outfit and also use itself automatically whenever you have oxygen tanks offered.

These are Cavern Cannibals, having transformed right into the human variations of sea life that advanced in the lightless deep. Unless you have a genuine weapon, sneaking is what you’ll require to do.

Right here’s the cavern, with the GPS for reference.

This cavern is direct, so when you get inside you should just make your method simple. Sometimes you’ll locate a powered light on the ground– leave them on as well as keep going till you discover living beings.

This cavern is straight except one branch that you’ll find near where these first 2 locals were. The well-lit passage on the right has its own little prize at the end of it, however it’s not the rebreathe. For that, you’ll need to head left into that pitch-blackness, as suggested by the arrowheads in the picture listed below. I recognize that doesn’t resemble anything, yet trust me, it’s a path.

Exactly how to get the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest

Ultimately, after a long while of wandering via pitch-black corridors, you’ll obtain to the actual end, where the remains of a miner is hanging from the ceiling. And also on the ground listed below him is the stun gun that you came here for. You can backtrack to the entry of the cave to leave, which ought to be simple if you removed it of opponents.

This time, you’ll require to take the well-lit path on the right. This path is extremely laden with threat, though, due to the fact that it’s house to 2 more grown-up cavern individuals and 2 really messed up cavern infants that will curl themselves up into a ball and toss themselves at you. The infants do not have much health, but they can be tough to strike, so don’t take them gently.

When you do choose to take the dive, you’ll discover the cavern entryway obstructed by planks of wood. These are Cavern Cannibals, having turned into the human versions of sea life that progressed in the lightless deep. This cave is direct except for one branch that you’ll find near where these very first two citizens were. This path is incredibly laden with danger, though, due to the fact that it’s house to 2 more adult cavern individuals and also 2 actually messed up cavern babies that will curl themselves up into a ball and also throw themselves at you. You can backtrack to the entrance of the cave to run away, which must be simple if you cleared it of opponents.