Dave Bautista Still Interested in Gears of War Live-Action Movie – Get Ready for the Action!

For some time now, Microsoft fans and above all, Gears of War, have asked to have a movie in Live Action format, and fortunately, one was recently confirmed by the Netflix platform.


However, there is still no talk of the cast that could participate in it, and apparently a certain actor is ready to be the protagonist.

Thus, the former fighter and now actor, Dave Bautista, has published a video in which he leaves obvious that he wants to be in some way in the film, an interest he has had for a long time ago.
Here you can see it:

I can’t do this easier.

@gearsofwar @netflix #MARCUSFENIX #Gearsofwar
In fact, Dave has long rejected a quick and furious role why he wants to be unoccupied in case they call Gears of War, this mentioned at the time:
They wanted to talk to me about Fast and the Furious, and I said: I’m not interested, let’s talk about the character of Gears of War, Marcus Felix.
For now, there are not many updates of the film, so we will have to wait for a Netflix statement.
Via: IGN
Editor’s note: It would be interesting to see Bautista vary in a serious character, since the image they gave Draw in Marvel was from a clown, the truth.
Hopefully they choose it, your genuine interest in participating is noticeable.