SC Freiburg II Wins 5th Consecutive Victory Against BVB II, Strengthening BVB Relegation Battle Concerns

SC Freiburg II started compared to the 3-0 win at Viktoria Cologne last Monday with three brand-new ones: SCF trainer Thomas Stamp sent ATOLL, MAKE GO and KEEL for Saucer (financial institution), Schmidt and Bar (not in the team).
The place.
BVB-II coach Jan Zimmermann, on the other hand, needed to alter three times after the 4-0 victory versus Waldo Mannheim: Collins, Aging and Basaltic changed Samara (secured), Dams and Kuhlmann (both not in the team).
From the start, the Beefburgers were the game-determining group, the BVB tried to protection stability.


However, the guests did not permit much against the lively second in the table.
After an edge kick, Engelhardt dropped in front of his feet, but the Freiburg hit the sphere around seven meters before the box (8th).
In minute 20, BVB then recorded the first significant possibility of the video game.
With a huge shot, Basaltic SCF caretaker ATOLL, which safeguarded the ball onward.
There, Ezekiel defended versus the lurking Jinnah with a tough physical property referee Marc Philip Ackerman did not pick nasty.

Behind with the double chance.

Quickly afterwards, the tour impended on the opposite side: After a flank from the left side, German BVB goalkeeper Hotkey examined with a massive header.
The Dortmund defended it forward, where the Freiburg just struck the outdoors network with his 2nd attempt (24th).
Because of this, there was little until the break on both sides, the Freiburg let the ball and opponents run, the visitors stood small and also hardly enabled anything up until the break.

A comparable image after the modification of sides.
The Dortmund outside network fidgeted again when Gut tau narrowly missed out on the objective with his left shot (53. ).
Slowly, the hosts raised the pressure as well as would have been nearly protected by Dortmund in the 65th minute.
A complimentary kick flank from Keel cleared up Collins in the wrong instructions, thankfully from the BVB’s perspective, his header slams on the bar (65. ).

Engelhardt satisfies by German’s clever preparation.

In the 66th min, the house side compensated themselves for their initiative.
With a soulful flank from the right side, Faith was faithfully between, which placed the sphere directly onto the opened up Engelhardt with his head, which pressed in from a couple of meters to lead Freiburg.
When Basaltic and also Jinnah attack their teeth on the strongly reacting, the 2 safe Dortmund so much in the 71st minute came back.
A little later, faithful with a perfectly timed grace Jinnah stopped at the last moment (75th).
Otherwise, the visitors rarely came dangerously in front of the Freiburg objective.
Because the alternative Stark left a dual possibility after primary work by Versa (81. ), the game continued to be interesting until completion.
The hosts did not allow engaging opportunities until the end, so that the Freiburg inevitably deservedly commemorated the fifth triumph in a row.
For SC Freiburg II, the next weekend will certainly most likely to FC Ingolstadt on Sundays (1 p.m.).
The second rep of Borussia Dortmund is managing Eager beaver Dresden 2 hrs later on.