FC Bayern Fans Unite to Show Support for Uli Hoeneß Ahead of Champions League Matchup with Paris Saint-Germain

Parts of the followers of FC Bayern took up the criticism of honorary president UPI Honey to Paris Saint-Germain prior to the round of 16 round in the Champions Organization.
Our butcher slaughtered the lengthy arm of Qatar, claimed a banner in French.
For this purpose, a photo of Honey with an increased middle finger and also a chopper in hand was seen over a separated arm with the logo design of PSG and Qatar Airways.
The 71-year-old Honey, himself a butcher, had actually just recently described the French association, financed by Qatar as a total counterpart to his FC Bayern.

We are taking care of an association on Wednesday where money does not matter. They can purchase everything-and shed versus us, he stuck as a talk guest at an event of the evening newspaper in Munich.
Qatar Airways, the state airline company of Qatar, has been sponsor at FC Bayern considering that summer 2018.


The agreement with the airline company as a sleeve enrolled expires this year.
WM host Qatar is sharply slammed for foreign employees because of the human legal rights scenario and also circumstance.
Several fans of FC Bayern see the monetarily lucrative cooperation with the airline really seriously.