Destiny 2

Reviewing the Best Destiny Expansions: The Taken King and Forsaken Fans Unite to Classify

With the recent launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, let’s review the best destiny expansions once again, and see where the favorite destiny expansions of The Take King and Forsaken fans end.

The best destiny expansions


Curse of Osiris
It is painful for me having to put this here.
He was begging for a Mercury expansion along Destiny 1 based only on how incredible The Lighthouse looked.
When we finally obtained one in Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris was a great disappointment.
The location was small, the attacks were reused history missions, the raid was smaller, the story was regular and the new features, such as Forge and Infinite Forest, were mediocre.
It is not necessary to say that it is not one of the best destination expansions.


The darkness below
The Dark Below was Destiny’s first expansion, and with it, expectations were in the clouds.


The expectation for Destiny began to run out, and fans wanted something new to face.
The Dark Below, something delivered.
At the moment, he felt a little light about the content largely because he lacked new important locations.
What did not help is that the incursion of Croats End had many mistakes and that generated a lot of frustration?
However, compared to Curse of Osiris, The Dark Below was full of things to do, but it is not necessary to say that it is not one of the best expansions of destiny.


Warm mind
Actually, Warming would probably have been remembered as a solid expansion by more people if it had not arrived at a time when Destiny 2 was staggering.
The game needed a great reorganization, such as the one that Forsaken finally delivered, and instead, the players obtained more of the same.
The story was surprisingly short;
However, there was a lot of solid content after the game in which to deepen, including very rewarding exotic missions, new activities such as climbing protocol, a line of incursion and a new location that was much larger than Mercury.
Again, if critics were not looking for something totally different, and more of the same is everything fans need, Warming would probably have a higher classification and is not one of the best expansions of destiny.


Shadow bastion
Shadow keep had the impossible task to try to follow the incredible Forsaken expansion.
Taking place on the moon and starring Eris Morn, the expansion presents us to what will probably be Destiny’s main antagonist in the future, but lacks its own impact.
Shadow keep presents refinements welcome in all areas, more exotic missions, incursions, strikes and dungeons, all of which was well done.
But he also experimented with more radical changes such as armor 2.0 that had enough failures at the launch, but it was a step in the right direction.


Iron rise of Iron came out at a strange moment in the useful life of the first game.
The Taken King was great, but it was actually feeling like a ballast at the end of its year.
Rise of Iron was an oasis for the players who stayed with him, but also, many players decided to hang him and wait for Destiny 2 at that time too.
As an expansion, the content of its history was missing, but presented a good amount of content for unconditional players, such as an excellent new incursion, Wrath of the Machine, which is among the best, another new cooperative public activity and new interesting relics that could
drastically change the way you would play your character and is one of the best expansions of destiny.


House of Wolves is, with much, the best mini expansion that Destiny has seen so far.
The expansion did everything possible to experiment with new ideas instead of simply accumulating the same type of content in the pile.
Prison of Elders, the version of the series of a species in horde, was great, and presented an extremely challenging three people, Kolas, which becomes one of the most satisfactory boss fights that the series has seen.
Taking into account the price and risks that Bungee assumed in this, renouncing an incursion in search of new things, the expansion obtains some additional points and obtains an impulse in our classification and is one of the best fate expansions.


Beyond light

Beyond Light introduced Stasis and the idea of the Darkness subclasses in the world of Destiny 2. While it was a bit of difficult start when it comes to equilibrium, Stasis quickly settled in Destiny 2 quite well.
Beyond Light also saw that the story finally advanced as a cohesive unit instead of unique fragmented campaigns, and also gave the sits a ton of information about the fallen.
Finally, Deep Stone Crypt added, another outstanding incursion experience.
While it is not necessarily the best expansion, Beyond Light is fleshy, presents a new beautiful area in Europe and sees the return of the commodore, and in general it is a solid addition.


The king of the possessed
The Taken King was an expansion of series change that restored the course of the first game.
Even The Taken King, the fan base was divided on whether it would be a game that would be played in the long term.
Although we love House of Wolves, not everyone did, and The Dark Below was not so good.
If The Taken King was badly received, that could be a big problem for the series.
Luckily, it was great.
He added three new and super fun subclasses, possibly the best raid in the series, and took place in the Dreadnought, which until very recently was the most interesting and full of people place and is one of the best expansions of destiny.


Finally we arrive at the last, and so far, the best destiny expansion of all time, Forsaken.
Abandoned had more pressure even than the king of the possessed.
At least, TT, a solid expansion and the lack of important AAA competition gave the first game a certain margin of error.
Abandoned had nothing like that.
AAA game studies have been producing important games regularly by the renegades who were preparing for their launch and, if they spit a little, the franchise would be in a desperate situation.
However, once again, Bungee took out an expansion that changed the game with Forsaken.
Forsaken presented the best content in the history of the series, the best new area of the game end, new supers for each subclass, secrets after the launch that evolve over time and the most challenging incursion to date.
For all those reasons, Forsaken occupies the first place on our list of the best destiny expansions of all time.