5 from Teamfight TacticsTFT Set 8.5 Guide: Master the Brawler Composition and Glitch in the Matrix

He came the time of Glitch in the matrix, the set 8.5 of Team fight Tactics.
And who says Mini Set says new champions, synergies, and mechanics.
This time no big unit which takes two places, but a heroic increase for one of your champions.
Which will necessarily increase the possibilities.
Do not panic nevertheless, we have prepared for you guides to easily take control of compos.
And here is that of the brawler composition (Brawler en VO) for TFT set 8.5.
What are the champions to recover as a priority?
What objects coveted in the carousel?
Who are your Carry’s?
All the information you need to play the composition well in the following lines.
Last update: 03/22/2023, patch 13.6

Information on the brawler composition of TFT set 8.5

Positioning of champions on the set

When to go on the brawler composition?

You might as well be clear right away.
The composition can exist at the end of the game only, and really only, with a good Warwick.
If you don’t find, move on, launch a transition and do not get away.



Fighters earn additional PV.

(2) +20% PV max
(4) +45% PV max
(6) +80% PV max
(8) +120% PV max


The program configure a power that varies with each party.

(2) Initializes a power
(4) add an effect to the program, increases the effects of 30%
(6) The effects are increased by 100%


All project agents are assigned a combat drone.
When they attack or are affected by an attack, the drone inflicts damage to the LAGER target (recovery period of 0.4 seconds).

When a project agent dies, his drone is reassured to Agent in the nearest life.

(3) The drone inflicts 25 magic damage
(5) The drone inflicts 30 magic damage.


All units receive a drone
(7) The drone inflicts 45 magic damage


The bonus is only active if you have exactly 1 or 4 ace.

(1) executes enemies under 15% PV
(4) executes enemies under 30% PV


All the allies gain magic resistance.

The AEGIS win more.

(2) 20 Magic resistance, 40 for the AEGIS
(3) 40 Magic resistance, 80 for the AEGIS
(4) 60 Magic resistance, 120 for the AEGIS
(5) 90 Magic resistance, 180 for the AEGIS

start of game

Priority objects

How to play the composition?

• As previously stated, one that holds the composition is Warwick.
Without him, it clearly lacks damage.
If you never find it, orient yourself more about project, or duelists.
• The goal is quite clear: having a big team, which makes the fights last, and prevents opposing snowballs.
Two weaknesses therefore note: if Warwick does not have his first kill, he cannot jump on the rest of the enemies, and opposing carries that regenerate a lot can be problematic.
• But faced with most teams, and if you place yourself properly, not much to fear.
Leona and Mordekaiser do the job very well to clean it all.
• The composition shines greatly at the start and middle of the game, with all the accumulated defensive stats.
Take the opportunity to quickly go up level 8, and find your three expensive units.